Welcome to AdventureRob.com. I enjoy travelling, and that’s primarily what this website is about, my travels, adventures, photography, and how I’ve managed to keep it going since 2009 now. For more about me check out the originally named about page.

I don’t regularly backpack anymore and have moved back to my home country (the UK) after living in Japan for 4 years, Australia for a year and all around South East Asia for a year too, so updates are less often these days as I have also started a family. However, I will update when I’m on the road, which is likely to be with my new family in the future as well as random trips for work or adventure. The website is easy enough to navigate around using the menu above. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me using the contact page or follow me on twitter using the buttons to the above right.

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Japanese tea ceremony and stay!!!!


Kurokawagun, Miyagi, Japan

Character Japanese house with Japanese gardens outside including tea ceremony!

AirBnB Superhost in Sendai

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